H°stutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, 2016

                          SYMPATRIC SPECIATION (APPARATUS I, II, III, IV, V), 2016, Galleri CC, Malm÷                                   




               SYMPATRIC SPECIATION (APPARATUS I, II, III, IV, V), 2016,  w/ Sandra Vaka Olsen, Galleri CC, Malm÷






                                                H°stutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, 2016

                                 Telephones, Sixth Street Viaduct, LA 2015
                                 w/ Claire Nereim

                                             No waves on the pond, no rest  for the wicked,
                                             (glass and black plexiglass)


The Sirens,
(welded steel)



RIDE, 2014, Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende
(welded, rusted steel)



                                            The panther calls on its prey, 2014,  Michael Thibault Gallery
                                            Closed glass capsules, burnt blend of dry and oily Lavender,
                                            Myrrh, Jojoba, Rose, Orris Root, Frankincense, light pink coloring,
                                            copper plate, aluminum plate, aluminum bars.




The Remains of the Day, 2014. Michael Thibault Gallery

Untitled (Car Sunblind I. II, III), 2014




                                                                       Untitled (SkinLight) UV-B lamp, 2013, IAC Malm°

Floral clocks, Glass tulips, 2013, IAC, Malm÷

Moskva, (BW photo print)                                                                            

By day its appaerence is uninteresting, then night came with its thick darkness, CalArts, 2013
RIDE (Freeway signs I-III), 2013. Welded steel
Untitled (Natural Daylight full spectrum fluorescent tubes), 2013






The Floral clock (Constant night I-III), 2013.
Glass tulips on black background.
I, 4 PM March 9th, II, 1PM March 16th, III 3PM March 16th






Untitled (Retracing Darwin, 1880), 2013.
Ink on paper.



Flower Clock, Carl von Linne

Twins (photo), 2013                   




Post-Op Sky (photo), 2013


Limbo (portrait), 2011
(Burberry Woman London EDP entrapped in welded steel, cardboard box)